Why CDMessenger ? - An Instant Messaging Software.

Good you asked "Why CDMessenger?" because there are more than a couple of reasons why you should download and actively use the office instant messenger (CDMessenger) from Astra Software Pvt Ltd.

Since effective office communication is known to significantly enhance overall corporate productivity and is key to preventing potential pitfalls, harnessing the power of instant messaging designed and http://cdmessenger.com/eloped exclusively for the workplace makes abundant sense:

Instant messenger confrence
Streamlined Office Communication with no Interference

Try allowing your employees to use general purpose office messengers and you will instantly notice how distracted they will be. Once you launch these free-for-all IM applications, the world tends to beat a path to your door.

Communicate with Confidence

Our office messenger uses high end SSL encryption which means that no one can ever eves drop on your interactions. This is the same technology used by banks and other financial institutions to protect you from cyber predators.

Office Messenger that even Generates Transcripts

Trying to maintain an electronic record of your phone conversations is impractical unless you are legally required to do so. The CDMessenger generates printed transcripts of your conversations instantly both for review and record-keeping purposes.

Office Messaging Software with a Logical and Intuitive User Interface

You may have the world's most powerful software application available to you. However, if it is difficult to use, it hardly serves the intended purpose. Try our Corporate Digital Messenger CDMessenger experience the ease of use for yourself.

More than an Instant Messenger for your Office

The CDMessenger from Astra Software Pvt Ltd comes with several components at no extra cost. They include sticky notes, To-do List Task management and Event Alerts. Learn about them and more importantly, learn how to use them and you will wonder why you didn't sign up earlier.

Not convinced yet? Simply download the office instant messenger and organizer (CDMessenger) without any obligation absolutely risk free for your entire team or workgroup to start with and see how intuitively it delivers. The fully functional user license is free for one month. Once you begin to use our instant messenger for the workplace, you will have no choice but to recommend it for enterprise-wide implementation. Take our word for it and try the Corporate Digital Messenger (CDMessenger) today!