Instant Messaging

Ever wondered how it would feel if you could chat with your colleagues using live chat without having to worry about eves droppers? Ever wondered why live chat technology never made it exclusively to the workplace? Well it has now. The Corporate Digital Messenger (CDMessenger) office instant messaging software brings new meaning to reliable office communication by enabling one-to-one and group-based communication in your office. And all of it takes place in an entirely secure environment. You no longer have to depend on instant messaging from the search engines to communicate in real time with your office colleagues. Our Instant Messenger solution enables workplace communication like never before.

Instant messenger

Communicate with your colleagues regardless of where they are located as long as they are connected to the Internet. Extremely easy to use with one-touch download and installation, the CDMessenger a corporate instant messenger from CDMessenger uses cutting-edge instant messaging technology designed specially for workgroups. What is more, it is brought to you by CDMessenger, pioneers in live chat and live support solutions for almost a decade.

File Transfer

file Transfer Screenshot

Sometime when you in need to send an important file to your colleague you can't rely on Official Emailing because even after sending the email you also need to notify the person to check the email. But with CDMessenger File Transfer feature the speed is touched and you can immediately send file to your fellow worker without any delay.

To send a file immediately to your colleague, click on the "Send File" button which is visible on the CDMessenger Chat Window. You can also drag drop file(s) on chat window.

Conference Rooms

Messenger conference room

Online Conferencing (Group Chat) is the key feature of CDMessenger. The motive is to take seconds rather than minutes to start a conference without making any extra efforts. Conferencing feature can also be used as a briefing tool for departmental heads to coordinate with their teams. CDMessenger conferencing service is unique and quick in performance. You can invite multi user in conferencing. Start conferencing with a Title, CDMessenger makes it possible for the user to give an appropriate title to each and every conferencing. Select and add members whom you wish to invite in CDMessenger conferencing. Initiator of the online conferencing can also remove any user while the conference is going on.

Chat History

Instant messenger history

Apart from other conventional business conferences where you need to penned down word to word important notes on the paper notepad, CDMessenger avails you the access of all the conferencing chat history date and time wise. Now there will be no chance of skipping any important point of the conference even if needed you can go through the conference again to clear all your doubts.

Invite Guest

Want to chat with some one who is not in your team? It is so simple that by one click you can invite anyone as a guest user.
Guest invite is also available in conference rooms.

Sticky Notes

Messenger stickyMessenger sticky

When 3M's Art Fry invented the sticky notes or Post It pads in 1977, little did he know that the invention would not only become a household name but eventually find its way to the computer desktop around the world. The office instant messenger and organizer CDMessenger from CDMessenger does not limit you to transmitting text messages through instant messaging or IM as it is called. It features a powerful sticky management system which enables your colleagues and you to send stickies to one another as well as to yourselves to fulfil a variety of tasks such as reminders and event alerts.

Write a simple note to yourself in which you have recorded a suggestion you plan to present during your next office meeting. Paste it on your desktop as a sticky. Customize your sticky with your very own combination of rainbow colors, typefaces and fonts. Organize your stickies into folders for easy archival and retrieval. Color-code your sticky messages and prioritize them. Once placed on your desktop, your sticky messages will remain in place even after a system reboot. Trust us, stickies are here to stay.

Notice Board

Instant messenger notice

Business notices are significant in providing ease to everyday official activities. Many times, it has become the responsibility of an office administrator to circulate notice to each and every staff members at the same time. But due to the use of conventional methods of circulating notices, there might be huge chance of skipping important notices by the employees. Today many companies have their offices across the world then there is a dire need of a method to send urgent notices immediately and easily without any hassle. CDMessenger notice board feature fills that gap effectively.

Screenshot Share

Instant messenger screenshot

You want to send your screenshot of your desktop to other team member. With CDMessenger you can do this without going into the hassle of taking screenshot, saving it as image and then emailing it to other person. CDMessenger allows you to achieve this with just one click. You just need to click on screenshot button in chat window.

Auto Away

CDMessenger will set the status of people to Away automatically when they are not on their desk or the computer is idle for certain number of minutes. Admin can configure this time as the company preferences. It also allow other user to inform that the person is actually not available on his desk.


Messenger buzz

Sometimes you are sending some urgent or important message to a colleage and that person is not replying to you, because either he is busy on phone and not looking at his screen. You want this person to read your messages quickly. You can attract the attention of user by sending a buzz. It will shake chat window and play a sound as well to notify your colleague.

Broadcast Message

broadcast messege

You can send a message to all or selected team members in one go by a broadcasting a message and selecting users. It will save time and hassle of writing, copying, sending a message multiple times to a user. All users will get your message as normal message and if they reply you will get individual replies from the users.

Delivery report

Instant messenger

People do worry if the message they have sent is delivered to the recipientand if the user has read it too. CDMessenger will show your sent messages status in real time in chat window itself. See the check marks in front of your messages in chat window. Delivered message has a gray color check mark and it will turn blue as the message is seen by other user.


Messenger emotions

Send emoticons in your messages and let the other person know your mood. CDMessenger has several colorful all new emoticons which you can use for daily office communication. Work should not always feel like work.

Custom mood status

Want to tell everyone thought of the day ? or there is something going on in your mind .. Set whatever you want as a custom mood status message in CDMessenger. Other team member will see your message next to your name in the user list.