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September, 2015

Two more Reasons to use CDMessenger

Month after month, we strive to bring to you new features and user focused enhancements that are exclusively designed to help you benefit the most from CDMessenger. This time, the list is both short and sweet:

Downloadable File Links in Chat Transcripts

In CDMessenger, All previous communication is archived and can be found in the Message History. Earlier, the transcript files, which could be shared, were not downloadable from the Message History. Now they are. These transcript files are now available as downloadable links. Moreover, each time you encounter a live hyper link within a chat transcript, you can continue to open the link with your default browser and even download the file such as PDF files and PowerPoint presentations on SlideShare and other websites.

Benefits: Download chat transcripts directly from the Message History Page. Additionally, you no longer have to go elsewhere to find the documents or presentations you seek. Also, you don’t have to ask your boss or colleague to mail you these links. They are right there in the Message History for you to download yourself without having to depend on others.

Enhanced Compatibility of the CDMessenger Desktop version with the Android App

The CDMessenger App for Android devices has also been updated with a view to ensuring a smooth user experience especially given the fact that many employees will use CDMessenger on their mobile phones frequently once installed. Team members using CDMessenger on their desktops can connect and communicate with their counterparts using CDMessenger on their Android smartphones with no difficulty whatsoever. The reverse is also true.

Benefits: Cross platform internal communication that is 100% secure and private is now a feature you can take for granted with CDMessenger. This will enable you to fully concentrate on your core business while you leave your workplace communication challenges to a company that has more than 12 years experience in the business.

If you haven’t tried CDMessenger already, download our today and check us out!