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September, 2015

CDMessenger and Flat World Communication

On April 5, 2005, a little book appeared on book stands written by a relatively unknown author and published by a relatively unknown publisher. Provocatively titled, The World Is Flat and published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, the book’s author, Thomas Friedman, stipulated that the time had finally arrived for countries to view the planet as a level playing field with respect to economy and commerce. Companies, regardless of size, annual revenue or geographic location, now had an equal opportunity to achieve milestones of success. The reason? The Internet had now made it possible for thousands of tasks to be performed and the outcomes shipped to their destinations, mostly developed economies, where the costs of labor were high and the competition for business keen. The age of globalization had finally dawned.

Workplace Communication in a Flat World

This 21st century paradigm shift has triggered a sea change in the way workplace communication takes place today. Office communication, in the form of text as well as multimedia communication, now takes place not only within workplaces confined to a specific geographic region but between teams located as many as twelve thousand miles away from each other. Teams now collaborate across time zones comprising organizations that outsource tasks combined with teams from companies that perform these tasks on an ongoing contractual basis. The intense level of security, confidentiality, reliability and accountability that office instant messengers such as CDMessenger can provide is no longer a mere hypothesis because it is currently being put into practice every day. There are several reasons why an office instant messenger such as CDMessenger can bridge the communication gap and solidify connections between organizations and their offshore teams in a “flat world” as we will explain in a moment. If you are an offshore company located in an emerging economy or a company that currently outsources much of its back office functions and processes, an office instant messenger such as CDMessenger is indeed the way to go for you:

Achieve the Right type of Integration

If teams collaborate on a project which involves both the organization and its offshore partner use the same platform to facilitate workplace communication, many technical issues related to platform compatibility are inherently resolved. CDMessenger uses the Internet to connect workplaces which essentially implies that all stakeholders can now share the same communication platform that has been integrated into the workflow.

Administer the Platform Seamlessly

Centralized administration of the communication platform enables team members to communicate with the team, both individually and collectively in groups, without having to remain concerned about cross-platform communication issues. With CDMessenger, for instance, the administrator can send out invites, set permissions, and architect workrooms while transcending geographical boundaries.

There are other worthwhile reasons why an office messenger such as CDMessenger can facilitate chat-based text communication among members of a diverse team:

  1. Office instant messengers such as CDMessenger deploy 256 bit SSL encryption to protect bi-directional chat communication, the same security blanket used by banking, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions.
  2. Team members can generate a full-text transcript of their chat communication to serve a variety of purposes such as review, analysis, research, legal accountability and quality control only to name a few.
  3. Office instant messengers generate significant cost savings in that the cost to set up and maintain a messenger network is only a few dollars a month per team member.
  4. Using text-based chat communication motivates employees to remain focused on the issue at hand and not digress into peripheral discussions thus improving office productivity and profitability.

The most effective way to test the waters is by downloading a trial version of an office instant messenger like ours and exploring the multiple ways in which it can bring workplace teams together virtually without ever compromising the quality of the communication that is known to transpire between highly motivated and high achieving teams located across seas and continents.