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August, 2015

CDMessenger 3.3 is here!

Enhance your workplace communication experience by downloading CDMessenger 3.3, our latest version. As has been the case with all our updates, the current version too has many innovative bells and whistles that are sure to take the communication experience of your employees and teams to the next level:

Auto Updateable – Once you download and install CDMessenger 3.3, you will no longer need to manually update future versions of the application since all the updating will take place seamlessly in the background.

Guest Invites – You can now invite guests to chat with you without setting up an account on CDMessenger. This new feature is perfect for those situations where you wish to communicate with an individual such as an intern who may be with your company for only a week or two without having to go through the motions of setting up an account. Once you have the email address and the name of the guest with whom you wish to connect, you can send out a Guest Invite via email. A link will be sent to the email address which the guest can use to log into CDMessenger and commence chatting with you and other members of your team both individually as well as a conference participant. You can also conference with your vendors, channel partners and suppliers without having to set up an account.

We have provided you with several good reasons to update your CDMessenger application free of charge. So why not update today? New users are also welcome to try as a free trial application and take our messenger for a spin. Do take a moment to tell us what you think about our latest updates by writing to us through our Contact Us page!