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July, 2015

Announcing the Arrival of the CDMessenger Android App

In keeping with our previously published pre-launch announcement about our Android app, we are delighted to let you know that the CDMessenger Android app is now reality! We have launched the app after intensive stress testing.

CDMessenger at the Google Play Store

As a CDMessenger subscriber, you are entitled to free and unqualified access to the app. What is more, the app has also been synced with the desktop version with a view to facilitating effortless performance as we will explain in a moment. There are several good reasons why you should visit the Play Store today and download the app for immediate installation:

Compatible with Android Macadamia Nut

In perfect harmony with Google's friendly obsession with sweet treats and desserts, the CDMessenger app is not only compatible with Android-M, now dubbed Android Macadamia Nut, but also with Android Lollipop and Android Kitkat. Effectively, this implies that members of your workforce will not have to rush to their neighborhood mobile store or visit an ecommerce website to buy a new Android phone simply to use the CDMessenger Android app. What is more, this compatibility also insures that CDMessenger will perform even when your teams upgrade their Android phones to the latest Android OS.

Full Function Performance

All the features you have begun to use on the desktop version of CDMessenger are now fully accessible on your Android smartphone and handheld devices as well. For instance, your colleagues can:

Stay in touch with one another
Participate in conferences
Collaborate with other teams on various projects as a team member
Connect virtually from anywhere in the world through the Internet
Send and receive one liner sticky notes
Send out reminders and alerts

You already know about these features. Now access them on the go and in real time. Features such as one-on-one text communication, group communication, file transfer, sticky notes and the reminder feature all work like a charm on the Android app. The conference room feature works much the same way as it does in the desktop version of the application.

Receive Notifications

Receive Notifications in real time even when your android smartphone or hand held device is locked or in the sleep mode. You will receive all the notifications and message alerts on relevant activities. Examples include:

Status updates
Conference invitation
Instant message from a team member
File transfer notification
New message in an ongoing conference

Communicate Securely

The CDMessenger Android app extends the security protection to your smartphone and handheld device by encrypting all your inbound and outbound chat communication. Enjoy the same level of 256 bit SSL protection on your mobile device as you continue to do on the desktop.

Addendum - Updated version of CDMessenger's desktop application

The updated version of CDMessenger for desktop, which you can now download from our website, is perhaps the last CDMessenger application version you will ever need to download. This updated version is recommended for download, installation and deployment because it will enable you to communicate effortlessly with those colleagues who are connecting with you through their Android devices using our Android app. Once you download CDMessenger's latest update, all future updates and value additions which we will announce, will be installed on your desktop in the background. This auto-updating feature ensures that you will never have to manually download the application again and all updates will take place intuitively in the background.

So why not download the CDMessenger Android app and see for yourself how easy it is to stay in touch with your corporate office while you are on the go? .