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June, 2015

Using Reminders and Alerts to enhance Workplace Productivity

With technology in its various manifestations permeating our lives both within and outside the global workplace, reminders and alerts are now a part of both our social fabric and personal spaces. From Facebook's birthday reminders to the complex array of reminders and alerts several applications such as Sharepoint, Interwoven TeamSite, Livelink and other ECMS and DMS deploy, they have literally become a part of our response mechanisms. We have come to a point where we even expect to be reminded with a chat message, a text message, a phone call or an email regarding the next big event in our lives.

Given the fact that office instant messengers, also known as business messengers, are designed to address the need of the hour in a workplace environment literally connecting offices and other facilities within the enterprise, it is no wonder that reminders and alerts are now routinely built into a leading office instant messenger. They help us to help not only others but also ourselves by making sure that we don't miss an important office engagement. Let us take a quick look at how these features and functions deliver results.

Integrating Reminders and Alerts into the User Interface

Although the primary purpose and function of an office instant messenger is to facilitate workplace communication in a fully secure environment through live chat, there is much more to office messengers than simply the ability to swap text messages in a structured arena. You can, for instance, use a simple text message to remind a colleague about an upcoming business meeting or a webinar being organized by your company. There is, however, a more effective way to achieve the same result that can be describe as a fail-proof mechanism. You can send your colleague a reminder or alert in the form of an online sticky note assuming this feature is supported by the instant messenger as is the case with CDMessenger. All you do is to open a blank sticky on your desktop or smartop, write your reminder message, specify the time the sticky note should sound the optional audio alert, and send it to your colleague. At the appointed time, the sticky will unfurl and not only display a message but also activate an audio alarm if you have triggered this option. You are not restricted to sending a reminder or an alert to just one colleague but can send it to your entire department, division, or to the entire company if you wish. Office instant messengers that are equipped with this highly practical and useful feature provide yet another reason for the seamless adoption of this technology.

Benefits of using Reminders and Alerts

  • Invitations –

    When you send out an invite to an office event organized by your department, you can use the reminders and alerts feature to send out repeated reminders just to make sure that you have a full house
  • Paper Trail –

    You no longer have to worry about whether or not you sent out a reminder or alert because just about every communicative feature in an office instant messenger, including alerts and reminders, generates a paper trail which you can archive, retrieve and review later at your convenience.
  • Efficiency and Collaboration –

    Improve your workplace efficiency and enhance your collaborative effort by reminding your colleagues about an event that you may have organized.
  • Assignments and Tasks –

    You do not have to limit the reminders and alerts feature to events alone. Activate the feature to alert your colleagues and junior members of your team regarding deadlines, time lines and other office related responsibilities.

More Benefits

If you are a senior marketing professional in your company, use the reminders and alerts feature in your office instant messenger to remind your field force about upcoming meetings with potential clients. Remotely located members of development and design teams can also use reminders and alerts to remind collaborators about scheduled productivity sessions. This is especially helpful since office instant messengers tend to transcend geographical boundaries across countries and continents.