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June, 2015

Announcing the CDMessenger Android App Pre-launch

The next time you drop by the Play Store to check out what's new and hot on the Android platform, you will have yet another reason to pay Google a quick visit. Better still, you will have an even better reason to engage in a little software download exercise because the CDMessenger app for Android phones is now almost here to serve you. All regular subscribers of CDMessenger in good standing can download the app free of cost.

Truckloads of Testing

Although there is no such thing as the "perfect" piece of software, we want to assure you that the CDMessenger app has the potential of delivering a fully functional CDMessenger user experience on the go flawlessly, effortlessly and painlessly once it is released shortly. But there are many more reasons to download the app once we launch it. Here are just a few:

  • Compatible with the latest Version of Android –

    In keeping with Google's propensity for all things sweet and glorious, the CDMessenger app is fully compatible with Android 4.0 and higher. Lollipop, Kitkat and points beyond will work well with CDMessenger's app. You will receive an automatic notification about it once you download the app.
  • Identical Features –

    Every feature and functionality you have enjoyed on the desktop as well as the browser-based version of CDMessenger has been replicated in the app preceded by intense stress tests. This includes one-on-one text communication, group communication at the workplace, file transfer. Use the same emoticons while communicating on the go with the CDMessenger app and share your moods and sentiments with your colleagues. The conference room features work the same way as they do in the desktop and browser-based versions of the application.
  • Security Blanket –

    Enjoy 256 bit SSL security encryption of both your inbound as well as outbound messages and file transfers while using the CDMessenger Android app. With our app, you will never have to remain concerned about eves drops and intercepts under normal circumstances.
  • Receive Notifications 24X7 -

    Even when your android hand held device is locked or in the sleep mode, you will continue to receive notifications and message alerts on new activities like an instant message from a colleague, a new file transfer sent to you, Conference invitation, a new message in an ongoing conference etc.

With the launch of the CDMessenger android application, you will never be out of touch with your office colleagues and no conversations will be delayed or missed simply because you were out of the office, on vacation, or traveling on an important assignment. As long as you have your Android smartphone on you with the CDMessenger app loaded, you are good to go even on the go!