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April, 2015

Brand new Updates to CDMessenger

Ever since we launched CDMessenger several years ago, we have made an effort to respond to the demands of both the marketplace and new technologies that tend to unseat old ones. In keeping with this spirit, we strive to constantly update not merely the user interface but also features and functionality. We bring to you, this time, three updates to our website and application which we hope you have downloaded and tried out for yourself as a part of our free trial program:

Manage users more effectively

If you are the system administrator in your organization for CDMessenger, we have good news for you. Add new users, edit/delete existing users, and configure new accounts with no more than one or two mouse clicks. The names of all your users are now clearly displayed based on which you can take suitable actions. Change user names, display names and email addresses in one go. This feature is especially useful when you either need to quickly add the names of new employees who may have recently joined your organization or delete the accounts of colleagues who are no longer with the organization.

Sign up Seamlessly

The CDMessenger sign-up page for new users on our website now takes less than a minute or two to complete. It is now a single instance process in which you will be asked to enter all the details on the same page and submit it in order to sign up for CDMessenger. As soon as you enter all the mandatory information on this page and submit it to us, you are well on your way to using CDMessenger. You no longer have to enter your email address, wait for a confirmation message, click the confirmation link in that email message, and then wait again to hear from us. Our easy to use single step sign-up process is designed to help you experience the incredible features and benefits of CDMessenger instantly! So why not today for free while our promotion lasts? As always, 24X7 customer service and tech support are available both throughout and after the sign-up process.

Experience the new Look of our website

Our website , where you can find in-depth information about our popular communication solution for workplaces, now has a new look and feel. Both the site structure and navigation have been streamlined to help you navigate through the website easily, read about CDMessenger's features and benefits, and sign up for our office instant messenger with ease. The revamped website now comes with smoother navigation and easy to locate call for action points.

Please stay tuned to the future issues of our newsletter as we work continuously to bring to you an office instant messenger and workplace communication solution that is even more robust, feature-rich and a breeze to use.