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February, 2015

CDMessenger scores over Ma Bell

CDMessenger, with its user-friendly interface, enhanced feature set and a track record of having served the communication needs of organizations both large and small for several years, scores over the phone in more ways than one.

This is not to imply, however, that phones do not serve organizational interests well. On the contrary, phones command their very own position within the corporate communication matrix. Here are a few ways in which we believe CDMessenger can serve your internal communication needs more effectively not only when adopted as a stand alone option but also when used in conjunction with other channels:

Foster Team Communication

Organize Conferences using Instant Messaging

Whereas telephonic conferences among colleagues tend to often generate unfinished business in that documents cannot be exchanged via the telephone, the phone numbers of conference invitees may be busy, and participants may not have updated the company phone directory, CDMessenger’s conferencing feature presents a realistic option. CDMessenger lets you send and receive files without abandoning the IM conference. Additionally, colleagues who are not online or have joined the conference after it has commenced, receive access to all previous, current and future interactions once they join the conference or log into their messenger accounts.

Communicate with Confidence

CDMessenger leaves no room for excuses. Messages never end up in spam like email and you will never hit a busy signal. Unless your colleague to whom you have sent a message marks your message as having been read, your message will appear constantly on the mobile screen or the monitor leaving no room or scope for abandonment. Additionally, you will never hit a busy signal with CDMessenger.

Send Sticky Notes and Event Reminders

CDMessenger has a tried and tested feature that lets you send sticky notes, reminders and alerts to your colleagues. If your colleague is at his or her workstation, logged on to CDMessenger application on phone, he or she receives the reminder in real time. You can also activate the BUZZ feature as a second line of reminder defense!

Broadcast your Message

Unlike the phone, CDMessenger allows you to broadcast a message to everyone in your group, department or entire organization simultaneously with a couple of mouse clicks. This feature lets you send a message to everyone at the same time in real time thus ensuring guaranteed responses from your colleagues.

Concluding Thoughts

We recommend that you leave your phone connection in tact at all times and bring your cellphone to work daily because you never know when you may need to reach out and touch someone instantly to address an office emergency or an impending challenge. That said, CDMessenger can easily serve as the go-to solution for your daily and frequent communication needs in a way that is secure, encrypted and reliable, leaving a verifiable paper trail through transcripts and helping you to communicate with your workforce with precision and brevity.