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January, 2015

Conferencing Virtually with CDMessenger

In any forward looking organization regardless of its size, the process of decision-making is conducted as a team effort in which individuals with multiple synergies take decisions and build strategy to achieve new milestones. Holding regular meetings, also known as conferencing, is the standard operating procedure. This is an area of workplace communication in which CDMessenger has made significant strides while going beyond one-on-one text-based communication.

When a conference is scheduled using CDMessenger, your colleagues and you can participate in the ongoing interaction through text chat, arrive at decisions and take the discussion forward one text message at a time. The various features and attributes of CDMessenger’s conferencing facility, for which we have provided overviews below, prove its utility and the value addition it can provide:

Communicate with Confidence Securely

As is the case with all the communication that takes place on the CDMessenger platform, conference communication is also fully protected using 256 bit SSL cryptology. This is the same level of two-way encryption used by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Attend Conferences Virtually

Whether you are planning to attend a conference from your personal work station in your office or while you are on the go with your smartphone, the functionality remains the same. You can access all the features of your conference irrespective of your geographic location.

Add new Attendees during the Conference

As an administrator and conference organizer, you can add new participants to the conference which you are conducting while the conference is in progress. This feature is especially handy when you feel the need to bring someone into your conference from a different department to address specific issues.

Add emoticons to your Conversation

Convey your perspective, idea or stand on an issue more succinctly using emoticons. This feature is, by the way, also available when you engage in one-on-one communication with your colleagues.

Transfer Files with ease

CDMessenger’s file transfer feature, which lets you share files of up to 10 mb in size, continues to remain active during conferences too. The files you transfer during the conference can also include multimedia files such as video and audio footage.

Participate in a Flexible Environment

Your participation in the conference concludes only when you click on the "Leave" button. In other words, logging out of the application does not change a user's participation in the conference. The messages and files that are exchanged during the conference remain in the conference conversation until the conference is closed by the conference administrator.

Generate a Record of the Conference

The entire meeting history of the conference you have just attended remains available in conference transcripts. They can be reviewed any time later depending on your convenience. You can print these transcripts or copy them to your personal folder with a few simple mouse clicks.

Attend in Delay Mode

You can participate in a conference and be added to the meeting even if you are away and not logged in. You will have full access to all conference messages and files exchanged between conference participants once you log into CDMessenger even after the conference has concluded. Similarly, conference administrators can add new participants by clicking on the “Add User” button.

Send Screen Shots in Real Time

Send screen shots of your current screen to all the participants of your conference while the conference is in progress. Similarly, you can also receive screen shots from your colleagues in real time. Save screen shots to your desktop or to your folder for future use and review. This feature is also active when you engage in one-on-one communication with a colleague outside of a conference setting.

Preview Image Files from the conference

You can now preview the images of all the various image files sent and received during a virtual conference. You can drag and drop these reviews and move them to your work station or to your folders with a few mouse clicks.

Ping your Conference Attendees

Ping your colleagues either singularly or collectively while the conference is in progress. This will surely get everyone’s attention! This will shake the receiver’s window, set off a vibration on a smartphone, and also create an audible ping much like the "buzz" function we used to have in Yahoo messenger.

So why not schedule a conference at the next available opportunity using CDMessenger so that you can try out all the new features we have introduced in our latest version? The new brand of value added conferencing which CDMessenger brings to you will surely enhance your conference’s productivity and outcomes.