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December, 2014

Upgrade to CDMessenger 2.3 Today!

The count down is finally here! You can now seamlessly upgrade to CDMessenger version 2.3 and benefit from the most advanced IM software application on the Internet today that has been exclusively designed for both small and large enterprises. Here is how you can make the transition smoothly and without any challenges. As always, we are standing by to help. Just come on board and chat with us live and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

What’s New in CDMessenger 2.3

  • Completely ReEngineered product
  • Complete new look with better UI
  • Much faster and efficient
  • Redesigned Stickies
  • Conference Rooms with new features, Persistent Chat in Rooms
  • Multiple File transfer with drag and drop feature
  • Messages delivered and read confirmation in chat window
  • Status will change to away automatically when computer is idle.

Upgrading to CDMessenger 2.3 Step-by-Step for Existing Users

  • Log on to and use your current account id, admin username and password to log in.
  • Once you have logged in, you will see “Upgrade” link on that page.
  • On migration page follow the instructions and you can now send download links to all your existing users for the new application.
  • Your login name and password will remain unchanged for the new version of CDMessenger.
  • All your users can now log in through desktop application or web application using their existing login credentials.

Please Note:

  • When you switch to the new version of CDMessenger, the process can take from 5-15 minutes since it is a brand new installation of sorts.
  • All your logged in users will be logged out from the current version of CDMessenger.
  • All your “To Do” items will automatically be converted into Sticky Notes with reminders already set in them.
  • Please be sure to uninstall the old version of CDMessenger and download & install the new version of the application.
  • Once you upgrade to the new version 2.3, users can login only to new application with existing credentials.
  • Please note that existing Android and iOS applications won’t work very soon new mobile applications will be available.


CDMessenger 2.3 has a brand new look-and-feel with several new features built in. Explore the latest version of our instant messenger for business and enjoy the advantages it will bring to your workplace.