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December, 2014

Communicating Productively with Sticky Notes using CDMessenger

Sticky Notes is a feature built into CDMessenger which lets users send notes not only to one another but also to themselves written on what can be best described as the online version of Post-it notes from 3M. If your note is short and brief, a typical one liner, Sticky Notes is the ideal way to send and receive a note. CDMessenger 2.3, which is The latest version of CDMessenger brings you a brand spanking new look-and-feel, a clean design, and a user-friendly interface. 

Enhancing Productivity with Sticky Notes

Communication, combined with brevity, results in improved productivity. As you will soon find out once you download the free trial version of CDMessenger and begin using the Sticky Notes feature, you will notice its flexibility and versatility. Your colleagues do not have to be online in order to receive your Sticky Notes. They can access your Sticky Notes once they sign into CDMessenger and go online. Every Sticky Note is date and time stamped thus displaying a clearly defined time line.


Feature-rich Instant Communication

Toggle your Sticky

Use the toggle feature to either hide or display your Sticky on your desktop. You can also roll up your Sticky Note like a calendar and open it when you need to do so. Set an audible alarm to activate the sticky as a pop-up event reminder. You also have the option to strategically position a sticky and lock it on your desktop so that it is visible prominently at all times.

Target your Sticky

Select who receives your Sticky Notes and who does not. You can send Sticky Notes to a single colleague, an entire group, or everyone in your workplace with a single mouse click. Sticky Notes work very well when it is time to send out a reminder either to yourself or to your colleagues to remind them about a meeting, a conference or a social event.

Proof-read your Sticky

You can not only format, proof-read and edit your Sticky Notes using the built-in text editor but can also spell-check your Sticky Note before you hit the SEND button. Print your Sticky Note when a printed version of the Sticky Note is required. When you create a Sticky Note, it is automatically saved on the desktop. You can, however, delete it when it is no longer needed.

Set and Change the Color of your Sticky

You can set and change the color of your Sticky Notes such as its background. Color helps you differentiate your Sticky Notes with respect to its purpose and recipients.

Position your Sticky

You can creatively arrange Sticky Notes on your desktop. Arrange them as tiles or stack them on the desktop in the order of your choice. You can view all your Sticky Notes under “Manage Sticky” such as send, Receive and on your desktop.

Communicate in a Secure Environment

As is the case with all the workplace communication sent and received using CDMessenger 2.3, Sticky Notes are fully secure and are encrypted using 256 bit SSL cryptology. Hence there is virtually no possibility of your Sticky Notes being intercepted while in transit.

Action Time

So why not download the 30 day free trial version of CDMessenger and check out not only the Sticky Notes feature but also the dozens of other features and attributes that can take your workplace communication to an all together different level? CDMessenger 2.3 does not require a LAN or a WAN for installation. It uses the Internet and is fully compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Visit and experience a new way to communicate in the workplace.