How CDMessenger Works

CDMessenger is an instant messaging software for inter office and workgroup communication. Inter office communication made easy between peers, your task management breezier. Do not cluster your physical desktop, be more organized. Let your sticky notes and alerts follow you, you need not to worry to remember them. You move from computer to computer your Sticky notes & alerts follows.

1. Install CDMessenger on Your System

1. To use CDMessenger, you need to make a Sign Up. You need to enter a valid email address during sign up process as the login information would be sent to you on same email address.

2. After sign up, you need to Download CDMessenger from the website.

CDMessenger is available for windows & MAC, you can download any one whichever is compatible with your operating system.

Now CDMessenger is ready to use. Fill the login information and click on login to start instant messaging.

2. How to add more user to communicate with your Peers

CDMessenger allows you add more users to communicate with your colleagues. After login you can generate more users ID, so that you can communicate with other members of your group. To create more users, you need to follow these steps.

Step-1: Login to you CDMessenger account with the login information which you receive an email provided by CDMessenger team. If you (your email address) are first one from your group who has done CDMessenger installation process, system will make you admin of that account automatically and you have total access of the system such as generation of new user ID, Peers conversation transcript & many more.

Step-2: After login click on "Tools" option. Select Add/Edit user from drop down list. It will open a new window which shows the list of existing users. Click on "Add New User" button to add new users.

Step-3: Click on "Add User" button to complete the process. It will open a new window which contains four fields.

Login: In this field, you need to write desired login ID/name that you want to give your group member.

Name: In this field, you need to write the name of the person of your group for whom you are generating this ID. It would display in users list.

Email: In this field, you need to write the email of the person of your group for whom you are generating this ID.

Password: In this field, you need to write a password that for this particular user of your group.

Confirm Password: In this field, you need to re-write the password.

You can add more number of users by repeating the same steps.

admin control window

Instant messenger im user

3. How admin/Non Admin User Login into CDMessenger

Once the addition of users would be complete, all users can be logged in with the login information given by admin. Users except admin need to download & run the application on their PC. They need not to sign up again. User can download application form website.

Step 1- Download the Application

Step 2- Login with the login details provided by Admin (who created account and users)

Ready to Use the CDMessenger ! Instant Messaging Application.

CD Messenger User log in

Note :- No need to sign up multiple accounts for more users. Users can be created from Add/Edit User after login in to CDMessenger.