About Us

The corporate instant messaging software CDMessenger is brought to you by Astra Software Pvt Ltd, pioneers of live chat and live support solutions for companies like yours with an online presence. Our company has assumed a leadership role for almost a decade in the highly competitive arena of live customer engagement not just by staying ahead of technology but by defining it.

Setting the Stage for the Astra Software Pvt Ltd Office Messenger

Astra Software Pvt Ltd was among the first companies to introduce IP-based visitor tracking and analytics, proactive chat, Push URL and a host of other features and attributes that are taken for granted today. Try Astra Software Pvt Ltd's live chat software for your website free for fifteen days and see for yourself how a small piece of code has the potential of driving your sales and conversions through the roof.

Instant Messaging Software from Astra Software Pvt Ltd

The CDMessenger, as we like to call it in our workplace, was http://cdmessenger.com/eloped with a single purpose and a clearly defined mission. It is meant to address a singular need within companies-- namely, to provide a platform for instant interaction that was not only secure but could also leverage the potential of instant messaging in the broader context of workplace communication. You can now effortlessly communicate with your colleagues, management and co-workers even if they are stationed remotely all over the world in a matter of seconds. You can even generate a printed record of your interchange for review purposes as well as to serve as a paper trail. Backed by Astra Software Pvt Ltd's generous technical support and customer service, the Corporate Digital Messenger (CDMessenger)) is sure to make its mark across the enterprise. Other useful resources we are providing you include:

  • Help system that is both robust and extremely easy to use
  • SSL based encryption to protect your corporate business intelligence
  • Customer service through e-mail and live chat
  • Fully protected payment gateway which ensures that your privacy and financial data are never compromised
  • Regular e-mail updates designed to showcase product upgrades, usage tips and other useful information