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Up and Running with CD Messenger

CD Messenger is a multi-feature software application to accelerate routine official work. You can achieve the speedy performance through extra ordinary features of Corporate Digital Messenger. It makes feasibleinteroffice communication and even involves hassle free installation sign up steps. We believe in speed to connect office executives together instantly and effectively. CD Messenger is a compilation of the entire features which are required to get functional in official communication. We bring in the time of revolution through exploring world class features.

CD Messenger is an advanced workplace-centric communication tool designed especially for the enterprise level and versatile elements of CD Messenger make it possible...

~ We believe in delivering a flawless and comprehensive software platform to transform the technology of your workplace! ~
Instant Messaging:

Instant is the language of today. World is becoming globally connected day by day then why not corporate speak the language of instant. Instant Messaging is the vital and primer feature of CD Messenger; One can easily notify the other staff members without any delay .CD Messenger is totally monitored to prohibit social chatting that can disturb the productivity. It’s the replacement of intercom in official communication that can save electricity to promote green business practices. Make your efforts easy and instant through Corporate Digital Messenger!

Group Message

Now it’s trouble-free to send group messages to few or the entire list of CD Messenger users on just one click. Broadcast instantly messages to the entire group in your office just as simple as you are notifying to a single recipient even if they are currently off-line. If a colleague is not available at the time of broadcasting, your message will be delivered immediately after they sign into their CD Messenger account.

Sticky Notes

Tackling day to day business tasks turn out to be simple through Sticky Notes feature of CD Messenger. It directly saves paper to promote green parameters in business. Create and Send a colorful sticky without using paper anytime to your fellow workers to make them remind about the imperative tasks of office.


CD Messenger can make possible the conferencing between staff members. Invite and Start a conference to discuss major business plans in fraction of seconds. It is effortless way to get in touch with co workers instantly on just one click. CD Messenger offers you to add or remove the staff members while conference is going on.

To Do List

Make a list of your work that needs to be done through To Do List feature. It directly helps you to increase the manpower efficiency. CD Messenger gives you the opportunity to synchronize your activities in accordance with time. Don’t skip your assigned tasks and important meeting by any chance.

File Transfer

It’s a feature that can positively saves the time of the user to provide ease in transferring documents instantly to your office colleague. Send files without any delay right away to your fellow worker through a stable, speedy and secure platform of CD Messenger.

SSL Login

Unlike other office communicator softwares managed and supported by the search engines, our instant messaging software application provides enterprise-wide security through SSL encryption. Much like a financial transaction website, your communication is encrypted while in transit and cannot be decoded even if it is intercepted. Your business intelligence remains secure at all times.


You can look up for date and day through in-built calendar feature of CD Messenger.

Tasks & Events

Manage you important events on yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis through advance feature of CD Messenger. It provides you a way out to remember many important official or personal events and days.


Create and Send an official notice to inform the entire staff members no matter inside or outside the country in just fraction of seconds.CD Messenger makes the things easier for you to communicate with other staff members and informing them about the important business notice on just one click.