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Instant messaging software for Enterprise

Ever wondered how it would feel if you could chat with your colleagues using live chat without having to worry about eves droppers? Ever wondered why live chat technology never made it exclusively to the workplace? Well it has now. The Corporate Digital Messenger (CD Messenger) office instant messaging software brings new meaning to reliable office communication by enabling one-to-one and group-based communication in your office. And all of it takes place in an entirely secure environment. You no longer have to depend on instant messaging from the search engines to communicate in real time with your office colleagues. Our Instant Messenger solution enables workplace communication like never before.

Communicate with your colleagues regardless of where they are located as long as they are connected to the Internet. Extremely easy to use with one-touch download and installation, the CD Messenger a corporate instant messenger from Live2Support uses cutting-edge instant messaging technology designed specially for workgroups. What is more, it is brought to you by Live2Support, pioneers in live chat and live support solutions for almost a decade.

CD Messenger Features
  • Developed entirely for office use as a powerful and feature-rich office productivity tool.
  • Admin level moderation and controls which help administrators to set permissions and monitor all communication activity.
  • Built-in scheduled visual and audio alerts for the first time in an instant messaging system.
  • Notice board which can be accessed by everyone for message delivery acknowledgement and confirmation purposes.
  • Seamless chat transcript generation which records all chat interchanges.
  • File transfer capability
  • Sticky notes, to-do lists and event alerts neatly integrated with the instant messenger.
  • Offline message delivery
  • Group Messaging
  • Conference
  • Live spell checking
  • Custom look and feel
Download the CD Messenger today and see for yourself how easy it is to reach out and touch everyone in your workplace. You will be up and running in no time. The CD Messenger is guaranteed to become a part of your office communication protocol in less time than you think.