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Intra Office Instant Communication

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging software for enterprise

Instant is the language of today. World is becoming globally connected day by day then why not corporate speak the language of instant. Instant Messaging is the vital and primer feature of CD Messenger. It's the replacement of intercom in official communication that can save electricity to promote green business practices.

Sticky Notes

Communicate Creatively with Sticy Notes

Tackling day to day business tasks turn out to be simple through Sticky Notes feature of CD Messenger. It directly saves paper to promote green parameters in business. Create and Send a colorful sticky without using paper anytime to your fellow workers to make them remind about the imperative tasks of office.

Conferencing Services

Start online conference using CD Messenger

CD Messenger can make possible the conferencing between staff members. Invite and Start a conference to discuss major business plans in fraction of seconds. It is effortless way to get in touch with co workers instantly on just one click. CD Messenger conferencing service is unique and quick in performance.

File Transfer

File transfer using CD Messenger

It’s a feature that can positively saves the time of the user to provide ease in transferring documents instantly to your office colleague. Send files without any delay right away to your fellow worker through a stable, speedy and secure platform of CD Messenger.



Powerful and fast chat room-based office conferencing and messaging facility


Goes well beyond a LAN or WAN solution and connects your colleagues


Instant messaging to establish a dynamic communication platform in the workplace


office communication made easy between peers, your task management breezier.

Wire the Workplace with the CD Mesenger

Corporate Digital Messenger ( Abbreviated CD Messenger ) sets an entirely new standard in office productivity and workplace efficiency. You can now communicate with your office colleagues right across the hallway or across the globe in an environment that is fully secure, stable and reliable. There is no limit to the number of employees who can use the CD Messenger. Whether it is a small office with five employees located on a single floor or a giant corporation with five offices on five continents, our office messenger can connect them all. It uses the Internet to deliver a robust online communication experience in which everyone can communicate with everyone else any time, all the time using a chat interface

To do List

This system streamlines workflows, prevent errors of omission and add a serious punch to your daily performances.

Event Reminder

The Event Reminder feature helps you to become better organized and increase your overall productivity.

Files Included

Our instant messaging software application has an option to transfer the file or saved documents instantly.

Fully Trusted

This application provides enterprise wide security through SSL encryption. The file cannot be decoded even if it is intercepted.

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